ST25 Rice’s Origin

ST25 is the top-notch rice in the ongoing rice market. In 2019, Vietnamese ST25 rice, beating Thai and Cambodian rice, was ranked the most delicious type of rice at the World’s Best Rice contest, organized by The Rice Trader in Manila, Philippines. Besides Soc Trang, Vietnamese ST25 rice is cultivated in other provinces such as Dong Thap, Ca Mau, etc.

ST25 is delectable rice made lasting through the year “made in Vietnam.” Contrasted with global rice assortments, the upside of ST25 is the high-yielding assortment, which can be developed from a few harvests in a year. 


Product’s Features

ST25 5% broken rice has been well-known for its quality and taste. The ST25 rice grain is big and medium long, existing in a bright white color, with a transparent peak.

When cooked, ST25 5% rice is delightfully tender and aromatic with a pandan-like fragrance. Even when the cooked rice is left to be cold, it’s still tender to eat.

Broken Ration (%)
Max. Moisture (%)
Admixture (%)
Crop Year
New Crop
Store rice in a cool, dry spot, away from dampness and direct light
1kg, 2kgs, 5kgs, 25kgs, 50kgs or customized
25 metric tons

Cooked rice has an extremely delicate, sweet pineapple flavor, which is particularly engaging.

The rice is fragrant, so cook it with less water; the rice is still delicate despite cooling. Specifically, this kind of rice is high in protein, so it is reasonable for individuals with diabetes, both the old and kids.

Nowadays, with an appetizing taste, and aroma, Vietnamese ST25 rice can persuade customers in premium markets like the EU, the US, and China.

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