One of the missions of RECONNECT INTERNATIONAL is to bring the best quality of Vietnamese agricultural products to customers

Therefore, we are committed to ensuring the best product quality and are always ready to support customers when they encounter problems and difficulties.

For products that RECONNECT INTERNATIONAL gets directly from suppliers, will be responsible for testing from seeds, factories, care, and harvesting processes. After that, the product will be carefully packed, boxed, and shipped by RECONNECT INTERNATIONAL. Besides, we guarantee the delivery time as well as product quality.

  • With products by RECONNECT INTERNATIONAL as an intermediary – the seller’s representative (the seller takes the product from the manufacturer) is responsible for keeping, selling, packing and shipping goods according to the customer’s requirements.
  • We have a clear product return policy. Any product you have problems with when you receive the goods, your feedback will be supported by customer care staff free 24/24.
  • As soon as customers receive the products or have used our products within 15 days, we will support and keep in touch regularly for timely support.
  • Customers who have questions about product quality, as well as want support, can directly contact RECONNECT INTERNATIONAL at phone number: (+84) 877565555 or email: sales@reconnect-rice.com
  • When the company has a preferential policy, we will give priority to sending it to you immediately via personal gmail.
  • In the process of using our products to meet the needs of customers and bring benefits to both parties. We hope that RECONNECT INTERNATIONAL and you can become partners and close friends!