Introduction and Slogan

The network is quite possibly the most fundamental thing in our lives. To make progress, we should have associations with numerous connections like instructors, companions, family, partners, and a large number of different connections.

Associated connections, and associated feelings, all amount to an extraordinary worth of progress and have a necessary impact throughout everyday life.

Our company is built based on a Slogan: “It’s time to RECONNECT.”

It is the exact time to refresh your Connection. No matter how hard it is. No matter how long you must struggle with your issues.

We are here to support you in whatever you are concerned about and handle all the problems.

Our Vision

  • We understand the trouble of merchants in tracking down top notch rice items that satisfy the rising need in both amount and nature of the homegrown market.
  • Vietnam can have areas of strength to be rice commodities and positions among the top rice sending nations on the planet.
  • In view of these issues, Reconnect International has fabricated our image through the vision: An association between rice makers in Vietnam and customers rapidly and really.
  • Inside the following ten years, our vision is to turn into a main organization in the field of trading Vietnamese farming items to the world. We wish to fabricate product notoriety in the worldwide market, even in the most requesting markets.

Our Mission

  • Our central goal is to bring the brand of Vietnamese farming items to the world.
  • Building notoriety and long haul collaboration with shippers all over the planet.

Core Values

At the beginning of starting day, Reconnect International always follows these core values to make trustworthy beliefs in people’s hearts.

  • People: Reconnect realized the best foundation for our company is people. We know that on the road to success, we have to build a good basement of people’s thoughts and feelings to make them all satisfied.
  • Sincerity: We are willing to be customers’ partners with sincerity, frankness, open mindset and create values together.
  • Intellectual: Learning is one of the keywords to create unique and quality products. Our company always tends to share knowledge, constantly learn and grow through difficulties and mistakes.
  • Listening: Understanding people is one of the most important things to make us successful. We focus on being a good listener.
  • Solidarity: Each member has their own strengths. Therefore, according to Reconnect core values, each member is an associate, diverse in thinking, unified in action, creative, and constantly innovating.

Following these above core values connect all members of the company, becoming one. We do attempt to develop and improve ourselves every day to make us as good as we get.

Creating a product is not challenging but maintaining that product is a challenge. Reconnect has supplied our best services to maintain our brand.

In addition, we build customers’ beliefs through our values certainly. We have tried, learned, shared, listened, and spread valuable products to build the best trustworthy place for customers to give their hopes.

Hopefully, with our VISION & MISSION, you will be willing to give chances for us to cooperate and have more success in our lives.

Let’s come and enjoy our great values!