How does Vietnamese Green Rice Affect Our lives?

Vietnamese green rice is the special cuisine of national agriculture. With the availability of distinctive taste and aroma, green rice is currently the leading food of many individuals. In this article, you will learn how to approach this symbolic type of rice and how to consume it every day.

Vietnamese green rice

A summary of Vietnamese green rice

Vietnam is among the biggest rice manufacturers across the globe. Thus, a wide range of rice varieties from this nation is common on the rice market, such as ST rice flow and even glutinous rice

Vietnamese green rice is considered a traditional cuisine that might not have been discovered in various nations. Next, the green rice is young sticky rice seeds chosen carefully when they bloom. 

The seeds can be milled and cleaned by your hand before being roasted to make the great green rice.      

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1. Origin

Nobody understands precisely when or where Vietnamese green rice is. It was from a tale that during the Ly dynasty in the 10th century, when the reign moved the capital city to Thang Long, Hanoi, there was a severe flood. 

Many paddy fields were ruined, and individuals could not look for anything to consume. The young man had to choose the sticky rice seeds dipped into water and roasted them to feed his hungry mom. 

Many individuals imitated him and realized that those young rice seeds were tasty. Since then, green rice become a special delicacy in the Vietnamese wet rice industry. At the moment, it might discover Vietnamese green rice somewhere throughout our nation. It is a crucial factor to make a lot of old cuisines such as green rice cake. 

2. Main characteristics

Vietnamese green rice brings you leading characteristics that stand out from other rice varieties. 

  • Color: Vietnamese green rice often comes with a dark green debut. It is crucial to differentiate the delicious green rice from the light green rice, colored by chemicals.
  • Texture: Other green rice at the moment was processed to obtain a soft, chewy, and sweet taste.
  • Aroma: Green rice goes with a tempting fragrance that might not be discovered in various types of rice. 
  • Shape: Green rice brings you thin grains and even curvy. 

Common types of Vietnamese green rice

Across Vietnam, there is a wide range of types of green rice from various regions with leading attributes. Here are the most common kinds of Vietnamese green rice.

1. Thin Vietnamese green rice

Thin Vietnamese green rice was made by the Khmer people, an ethnic minority residing in the South of our country. Now, this green rice is common in Southern provinces, particularly in Tra Vinh province. 

Next, green rice is often combined with sugar and even coconut juice to be chewy and flavorful. 

2. Vietnamese green rice from Vong village

Vong, a village south of Hanoi, brings a unique type of green rice. The green rice from Vong village is common; more individuals perceive Vong village as the origin of the green rice’s origin. 

Thanks to its tempting flavor and aroma, green rice is currently the leading delicacy that attracts many individuals. Green rice from Vong village might be discovered in Autumn and is a unique cuisine for Mid-Autumn vacation. 

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Traditional cuisine created from the green rice

Individuals might consume green rice immediately or with the banana to experience its natural flavor. However, back in Vietnamese history, people have made a lot of traditional cuisines from that rice. 

1. Sausage

The first cuisine made from Vietnamese green rice is sausage. The delicacy created from green rice is the green rice sausage. In other words, the green rice to create sausage is often harder than various types. Pork is ground entirely and combined with green rice or a little seasoning. 

Then, individuals will form the mixture into tiny pieces to steam using their hands and also frying in oil. Many local as well as foreign people currently enjoy rice sausage due to its crispy flavor and chewy taste. The local often couple sausage with “Bun dau mam tom” – common street food in Hanoi.

2. Green rice cake

Additionally, the next traditional cuisine we want to introduce is Green rice cake. The rice’s crust is created from green rice, while the filling is produced from beans combined with sugar and coconut. The green rice is initially combined with water. Next, people couple it with sugar and grapefruit to make a fragrant crust. 

When it comes to cake filling, individuals might steam the green rice and grind them to combine it with sugar. Lastly, they wrapped the crust outside the filling having small balls inside, and packed the cake in tiny carton boxes. 

Around Hanoi, rice cakes in Hang Than street are the most prestigious and become special presents for an invitation to wedding events.

3. Vietnamese green rice gruel

Finally, Vietnamese green rice gruel is the final cuisine on this list. The green rice gruel or green rice sweet soup is a simple dessert to create. The ingredients contain green rice, sugar, and tapioca starch. Then, boil the water with sugar and add the tapioca starch or a tiny grapefruit flower extract to make a delicious condensed mixture. 

Afterward, in order to serve this cuisine perfectly, you need to put inside the mixture the green rice and get the sweet green rice gruel available.

Vietnamese Green Rice

In brief, here are three traditional cuisines from the Vietnamese green rice that you need to care about now. 

We believe you can expand your horizon regarding opting for Vietnamese green rice and even how to consume it effectively in the future. If you want to experience and find out more about this unique type of rice, we will be there for you at your worst.

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