Rice Wholesale Price List That You Need To Care

A wide range of elements might be under evaluation regarding wholesale rice exchange. The price of rice wholesale is the most important one, but it is not even stable. Therefore, you need to browse around this post for the Rice Wholesale Price List below.

What do you know about rice?

Rice is seen as the most crucial global good, followed by wheat and corn. Around 50% of the global population (over 3 billion individuals) is up to rice as a staple food. 

Over 100,000 typical varieties are evaluated by different brown and black rice varieties. Next, Asia is the biggest rice basket globally since 85% of rice production is from Asian nations like Vietnam, India, and Thailand.  

However, the main food is quite crucial in Africa. Latin America faced more than a 200% rise in field production many years ago. Africa even witnessed considerable development in rice production, between 9% and 15% in 2007.

The price of rice wholesale

The rice wholesale price is up to particular elements involved in the environment, rice production, client needs, and stock level. Thus, it transforms everyday. 

Attributes of wholesale rice price

The wholesale price range has changed with various periods and in other regions. In the 1960s, a dropping trend was kept in the price of rice wholesale. However, during the world financial crisis in 2008, rice’s price wholesale rose many times as much as the standard price before dropping back to normal. 

At this moment, wholesale rice takes you up to $500 per MT in primary nations manufacturing rice. As for the African market, the price range changes between $450 and $700 per metric ton, whereas it takes around $600 per metric ton of wholesale rice in Korea. 

Because of the wholesale price fluctuation, many foreign price quotations can be set. The FAO (Food Agriculture Organization) has built Thailand as the nation with the most crucial interferences in the rice price establishment process. The Thai 5% broken export rice is popularly implemented for the market.

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Main elements affecting the price of rice wholesale

Fluctuations in the Rice Wholesale Price List might be classified by other reasons like natural and demand factors.

1. Demand growth

 Population development leads to the rising total demand for rice. For instance, across Africa, staple food imports constitute one-third of the global trade because of the developing demand for rice. African rice imports are available mostly in Asia. 

2. A fall in the stock level

Throughout many years, rice stocks have met their lowest point since the 1980s, especially in 2004. India and China are in charge of this fall in stock level due to the stock exertion in those double nations. Thus, the rice’s wholesale price will increase significantly. 

3. Reduction in the development ratio of rice production

A lot of nations have faced a dropping trend in the development rate of rice within 15 years. For instance, the yield development ratio of Asia from 1980 to 1990 was approximately 2.1% per year, and it fell to 1.4%/year between 1990 and 2005. 

In addition to that, as the biggest rice basket across the globe, the dropping rice production of Asia led to the world rice development rate contraction, less than 2% per annum. This truth has considerably influenced rice’s wholesale price. 

4. Natural elements

Natural elements are drought, and various natural disasters, which particularly affect the range price of rice wholesale. Rice cultivation is up to the soil and climatic circumstances. Great weather might result in big rice production. Thus, the wholesale price can be quite affordable in severe weather. 

For instance, in Bangladesh, the price regularly transforms by season. Rain might be sold at a high price between May and August due to floods. 

Essential Solutions for the rice crisis

From the rice price boosting, and millions for whom the grain is their primary source of calories at potential risk of starvation, specialists have been hunting leading ways to the rice crisis. 

1. Productivity improvement

To improve production, you need to improve productivity. In other words, increasing the yield farmers might obtain per hectare. It is a long period that will not occur overnight; it is slow incremental stuff. 

2. Bring a lot of land to rice cultivation

The amount of rice you grow per unit area, and across Asia specifically, there is no scope for raising the amount of land. Even if there were, it is not vitally desirable to do it. There is more challenge from urban to economic growth, placing more pressure on the rice land. 

From all the above, the local authority and governments of agricultural countries need to discuss and propose important policies related to bringing more land into rice cultivation. By doing that, the rice crisis will be improved gradually. 


Comparison of wholesale rice price

The table of price comparisons of common wholesale rice worldwide is extracted from statistics from the FAO (Food Agricultural Organization) from 2020 to 2021. In particular, for one year, between 2020 and 2021, a mild reduction was kept in the aromatic rice price, Japonica rice, and Indica rice. 

Table 1. Wholesale rice price in 2021

Type of rice


2021 (USD/MT)

Aromatic rice

Cambodia fragrant 5%


Thai fragrant


India Pusa basmati


Indica rice

India 5%


Pakistan 5%


Thai 100% B White


Viet 5%


Japonica rice

U.S. medium grain


Glutinous rice

Thai glutinous 10%


Viet glutinous 10%


Here is the price of rice wholesale you need to consider before making your final decision. If you want to update the price of rice, please leave your requirement and send to email: sales@reconnect-rice.com. We will make a commitment to update the newest and suitable price for your demand.  

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