gạo japonica
gạo japonica
gạo japonica
gạo japonica


Japonica Rice’s Origin

Known as Japanese rice, japonica rice mainly grows in Asian counties such as Japan, China, and Korea. In Vietnam, Dong Thap and An Giang are the two major japonica rice-growing areas.

Japonica rice was first cultivated in Central China, along the Yangtze River 6000 years ago.


Product’s Features

Japonica rice has a few qualities: round, customary, smooth, white like cotton, sensitive smell, and delicate. When cooked on white and adaptable rice, simple to eat in any event, and when cooled, the rice grain holds its innate versatility. Accordingly, Japonica is the principal food in Japanese feasts.

This rice has a higher tenacity than different kinds of rice because of its higher amylopectin content. Primarily contains substances like Gluxit, Lipids, Protein, sugar, nutrients, and minerals.

Some features of this rice can be listed such as:

– Short, round, lovely rice grains
– Trademark fragrance
– Concoct tacky rice, delicate, regular pleasantness, appropriate for rolling kimbap and sushi.

Broken Ration (%)
Max. Moisture (%)
Admixture (%)
Crop Year
New Crop
Store rice in a cool, dry spot, away from dampness and direct light
1kg, 2kgs, 5kgs, 25kgs, 50kgs or customized
25 metric tons
Guidelines for users
Used to prepare rice for day-to-day dinners, make sushi, and process dishes as indicated by Japanese and Korean cuisine,… 

All rice assortments are liberated from aromas, and additives, painstakingly stuffed, guaranteed for sanitation and cleanliness, and meet HACCP, ISO 22000-2005 principles. What’s more, have been High-Quality Vietnamese Goods for a long time.

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