Broken Fragrant Rice DT8
gạo thơm tấm DT8
Broken Fragrant Rice DT8
gạo thơm tấm DT8


Broken Fragrant Rice DT8’s Origin

DT8 is light fragrant rice, recently developed and created in Vietnam; DT8 is fragrant and sweet.

DT8 is filled in numerous regions of the Mekong Delta. DT8 is a great rice assortment that has been explored and is the primary rice assortment in the Mekong Delta rice bowl as well as the South Central Coast and the Central Highlands. DT8 rice grows 3 harvests per year: Winter – Spring crop, Summer – Autumn crop, Autumn – Winter crop.)


Product’s Features

The assortment has a moderately short development period, gives satisfactory yield, and fulfills trade guidelines.

Broken Ration (%)
Max. Moisture (%)
Admixture (%)
Crop Year
New Crop
Store rice in a cool, dry spot, away from dampness and direct light
1kg, 2kgs, 5kgs, 25kgs, 50kgs or customized
25 metric tons

DT8 has a trademark light smell, gleaming, non-powdery, and low amylose content of 16.29% (<20%). When cooked for tacky, sweet, depleted rice, particularly DT8 paddy, it is as yet tacky and tasty for the rest of the harvest. DT8’s prevalence is credited for its potential benefits, like areas of strength for its long fragrant grains, exceptional returns, and protection from infection; for example, rice impact illness and aphids. One more benefit of DT8 is it’s great. Subsequently, it is frequently sold at an exorbitant cost. The rice assortment includes long grains and whiteness, and the cooked rice flaunts a delicate and tacky surface and great flavor.

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