Jasmine Rice – Local best seller

Have you ever heard of Jasmine Rice or wondered why it is good for your health? In fact, Jasmine Rice is fragrant Vietnamese rice famous in countries such as the USA, Europe, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, and Ghana…

Why is Jasmine Rice famous and preferred? Following below facts to clarify the Jasmine Rice

The facts of Jasmine Rice

Jasmine Rice is one of the most delectable rice on the planet. This is, for the most part, developed in Vietnam and Thailand. There are two sorts of Jasmine Rice. One is White, and the other is Brown. Earthy-colored Jasmine Rice contains a more significant number of supplements than white ones.

Vietnamese Rice is planted in the Mekong Delta and exported to foreign countries. This rice type has sticky and big kernels. Significantly, it maintains flexibility when it is cooled down while the lightly sweet taste of this rice type makes your meals better. 

Moreover, it has white kernels that are good-looking. People use it to cook rice or rice soup, which are essential traditional foods. Generally, foreigners choose it because they want to enjoy their meals with flexible rice that is three times more flexible than other ones. 

Jasmine doesn’t possess an aroma like Jasmine blossoms. When cooked, it looks like the smell of pandan leaves. The scent of rice comes from unstable substances usually framed in the rice, with no additional flavorings. This scent can be tracked down in all pieces of this rice, like in the stem, leaves, and, surprisingly, in the grain.

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jasmine rice

Jasmine Rice Specifications

Purity Jasmine Rice

90% min


14% max

Foreign matters

0.1 % max

Chalky kernels

2% max

Damaged Kernels

0.3 % max

Immature kernels


Red and Red Streaked kernels

0.3 % max

Yellow kernels

0.3 % max

Paddy Grain (grains/kg, max)


Milling degree

Well milled, double polished and sortexed



Benefits of eating Jasmine Rice

Here is a clear table of nutritions 


1 gram per ¼ cup


0 grams


0 grams


35 grams per ¼ cup


2 grams per ¼ cup


1 gram per ¼ cup


3 grams per ¼ cup

According to the numbers of nutrient values, this rice type is one the good nutrient supplement for people. In addition, other rich nutrients such as Vitamin B1 and B6 are necessary for health. Scientists study that Jasmine Rice offers below advantages for people

1. Calories and Carbohydrates for Energy

On the off chance that you’re looking to carb-load for energy, eating jasmine rice is an effective method for getting it done. Moreover, one serving of earthy-colored jasmine rice – produced using a quarter-cup of dried rice – has 160 calories, which principally come from its 35 grams of carbs. 

While 2 grams of these carbs come from fiber – which isn’t a wellspring of energy or calories – its majority comes from starch, an abundance of fuel. Your body separates this starch into sugar and uses the sugar to drive up your mind, muscles, and different tissues.

2. Develop our Immune System 

There are many types of this rice like red, purple, or blue types for people to select suitable kinds for their demands. With phytonutrients that are in Jasmine Rice support the body’s organs and maintain good working. 

Moreover, when having a sound immune system, your body is protected from destructive impacts from the environment. 

jasmine rice

3. Healthy Pregnancy 

Folic Acid is included in Jasmine Rice, which is absolutely beneficial for your health. Extraordinary measures of folic corrosive in the body of the mother can help in the legitimate development of the heart and veins of the developing child.

At the end of every one of the focuses referenced above, this rice type can be a decent decision for the admission of folic corrosive during pregnancy. During pregnancy, it would be better to choose suitable rice to decrease birth defects. Therefore, this rice type is a great choice to be considered.

4. Improve Digestive System

Because of the high content of fiber, Jasmine is easy to digest. In addition, this rice type also can keep your body fit with a healthy digestive system

5. Benefits From Whole Grains

Getting earthy-colored this rice type additionally implies you’ll get the advantages of consuming entire grains. 

The grain wheat and microbe – which are taken out from white rice, however present in earthy colored rice – valuable supply phytonutrients, cell reinforcements and even follow measures of nutrients and minerals. In addition, subbing entire grains instead of refined grains might add to bringing down your gamble of creating cardiovascular illness or Type 2 diabetes. Pick white jasmine rice, however, and you’ll pass up this advantage

6. Can assist you with acquiring energy and weight

To eat fewer carbs where you want to put on weight or mass yourself, this rice type can assist you with cruising through. Then assuming you need to carb-load or are searching for ways for moment energy, and one serving of jasmine rice can assist you with doing that. In a cup of cooked jasmine rice, there can be around 180 calories. 

The starch present in the rice will be separated into fuel that will give energy and capacity to your body. So individuals who are attempting to put on weight can consume jasmine rice in light of the fact that the number of calories could possibly result in a good weight gain.

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How to cook Jasmine Rice

You’ve been cooking  Rice wrong for what seems like forever! Most recipes get it wrong since it’s not well realized that jasmine rice is gentler than most. Absorbing the rice advance will diminish the cooking time from around twenty minutes to approximately 10 minutes. 

Whenever it’s cooked, you’ll see that the rice doesn’t remain together the manner in which white or earthy-colored rice does and will be light, cushy, and fragrant. There are some tips for you to cook Jasmine Rice to make it best

  • Less water: Interestingly, Jasmine Rice is softer than other rice. As a result, it would be better to cook it with less water than is sufficient water for cooking Jasmine Rice. To be specific, se 11/4 cups of water for cooking with 1 Jasmine Rice cup. It is the best recipe.
  • No rising: Following the suggested level of water, you do not need to rinse your rice. So your rice will also be fluffy.

jasmine rice

Meals with Rice

After cooking a good bowl of rice, here are some suggestions for you to combine Jasmine with other ingredients and make your own perfect meals

1. Fried Jasmine Rice 

It is the best idea to make fried rice with this rice type. The long and white rice is complexed with vegetables such as carrots or beans. So it makes your mouth water when thinking of this food.

2. Jasmine rice soup

Rice soup is one of the favorite meals of Vietnamese people. So cooking soup with this rice type that is sticky and sweet makes your soup better.

3. Jasmine rice and traditional Vietnamese foods

Sticky and fluffy rice combined with delicious foods is an ideal suggestion. Eating Rice will be able to increase the flavor of foods.

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How to store perfectly

Rice is a profoundly hygroscopic food, so you really want to store it in an excellent, dry spot. 

Subsequently, don’t leave rice in places with high stickiness or direct daylight. Daylight and stickiness can make rice corrupt in quality or lose its flavor and supplement content.

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Jasmine Rice – Local best seller

Have you ever heard of Jasmine Rice or wondered why it is good for your health? In fact, Jasmine Rice is fragrant Vietnamese rice famous in countries such as the USA, Europe, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, and Ghana…

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