About Us


We are originally a family-owned rice business established in 1996 in the north of Vietnam, which is one of the leading agricultural rice production countries worldwide.

Vietnam is agricultural land with a hot, humid climate and fertile soil that produces new rice seeds with great flavor and international franchise brand. Therefore, we take pride in bringing foreign markets high-quality products and a variety of packaging/assortment.

In 2020, Reconnect International was one of Vietnam’s top rice distributors and exporters. We exported rice successfully to more than 30 nations across the world. Our strengths include: picking high-quality rice that can meet clients, complying with international standards, and supplying service for designing leading quality packages.


What we do

At Reconnect International, we are conscientious in providing customers with special values. Clients can trust our network of rice suppliers and distributors. We offer you a service from start to end, such as

1. Control quality and meet the quantities with competitive prices.

2. Choose prestigious and high-quality transport partners.

3. Provide a service of designing packages and labels.

4. Support a conscientious customer care service