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We are originally a family-owned rice business established in 1996 in the north of Vietnam, which is one of the leading agricultural rice production countries worldwide.


Vietnam is agricultural land with a hot, humid climate and fertile soil that produces new rice seeds with great flavor and international franchise brand. Therefore, we take pride in bringing foreign markets high-quality products and a variety of packaging/assortment.


In 2020, Reconnect International was one of Vietnam’s top rice distributors and exporters. We exported rice successfully to more than 30 nations across the world. Our strengths include: picking high-quality rice that can meet clients, complying with international standards, and supplying service for designing leading quality packages.


What we do

  • Quality control and quantity guarantee with competitive price

  • Choose a reputable and quality shipping partner

  • Provide branding and packaging design services

  • Dedicated customer service



Since 2010, Reconnect International has been exporting premium quality rice to over 30+ countries worldwide. We specialize in export of all varieties of Vietnamese rice with premium quality consistency delivered to our prestigious customers worldwide.



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Organic Rice Wholesale is a great rice type for business

At this time, individuals ask the food they eat to be great for their health, well-suited for the environment, and useful for our lives. Organic products flourished in the 1900s. Thus, organic rice wholesale can be supplied across the world. Let’s kick in all the vital information below this post.  Overview of organic rice wholesale Organic is […]

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8 benefits of Brown Rice – best choice for health

Each kid experiencing childhood, how to act, and how to be a person, has figured out how to see the value in the grain of rice from an exceptionally young age. That is reflected in the manner that our grandparents and guardians compel us to gather up each and every grain of rice in the bowl. Rice is the day-to-day food of each and every family. These days, individuals are keen on filling their stomachs and keeping up with their well-being. That is the reason Brown rice is known and renowned of late.

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Rice Husk And Must-know Benefits

Who realizes that something tiny and apparently irrelevant is the mystery behind a portion of the present most Earth-accommodating shopper merchandise and items? It's valid. Rice — or all the more explicitly, the husk covering every bit of rice - rice husk - stands out as a more reasonable, cheaper choice for some applications.



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